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12 Delightful DIY Gifts For Dog Lovers

Do you have a friend that loves DIY? Do they love their dog as much as they love their projects? If that’s the case, then take a look at the gifts we have rounded up to show your best DIY buddy that you care about them and their dog-loving ways. From homemade treats to DIY doggy art, you’ll find the perfect gift to wrap and give on this list.

Dash Dog Homemade Treat Maker

What DIY could be better than one that creates a sweet reward for your friend’s favorite pup? This at-home treat maker creates eight dog bone-shaped treats at a time. It includes a recipe guide to help your friend make treats with healthy ingredients most likely already found in their kitchen. The steps are as simple as making a homemade batter, pouring, and waiting for the treat maker to do the cooking. A BPA-free nonstick coating lets you easily remove treats from the maker, and its compact size makes the treat maker simple to store. A great gift that will treat both your friend and their dog!

DIY Personal Dog Portrait Guide

Crafty companions will love this pet portrait guidebook that includes more than 30 pet portrait ideas in 8 different art styles. Printed step-by-step instructions will walk anyone through the creation of a one-of-a-kind piece of art featuring their dog. From watercolor and pastels to mosaic paper designs, your loved one will find a way to DIY ‘a portrait that fits their exact taste. This book is available in both print and Kindle editions and has beautiful designs with plenty of dog inspiration to get your gift receiver started.

Pup Inspired Silicone Dog Tag and Key Chain Molds

Epoxy resin crafts are all the rage right now, and dog-loving friends won’t want to be left out. This silicone mold kit provides shapes for colored resin crafts that are dog bone-shaped tags, paw print keychains, and hearts with paw print designs. The molds are made of high-quality silicone that is easy to clean and is safe in the freezer, oven, dishwasher, and microwave. These molds aren’t limited to use with resins and can also be cleaned and used for baking or other molded projects. A fun gift that will last for many projects!

Nosey Nose: Home Nosework Training Program

Training their own dog can be a very rewarding activity for a DIY enthusiast. Consider giving them a gift that will help them spend time with their pup and practice a fun new skill. Nose training means teaching a dog to seek and find a specific scent (or scents) on command even when other scents and distractions are around. This at-home training program includes anise scented pouches, directions for three training games, and a tin of scent refills. This gift will let your loved one flex their DIY skills while also stimulating their dog’s mind.

Human Quality Dog Food Base Mix

For the nutrition-conscious DIY companion, this base dog food mix is the start of feeding their pup whole ingredients right at home. This mix comes with a specific vet-formulated recipe and directions on how to complete creating the food at home. One kit can make approximately 30 pounds of food that is great for dogs with allergies and for those who are picky eaters. A DIY that leads to great pet nutrition is a gift worth giving.

DIY Dog Grooming Guide

From Poodles and Sheepdogs to Yorkies and Shih-Tzus, a beautifully groomed dog is something to appreciate. It’s also a skill that most DIY fans would love to try and master for themselves. This guide written by groomer Jorge Bendersky features high-resolution full-color photos and many breed-specific tips for getting the best groom possible at home. From the basics of nail trims and teeth cleaning to how to calm your dog during a grooming session, this guide covers it all. Available in print and on the Kindle, this book is available in your friend’s favorite format.

Complete Pet Grooming Kit

If your friend already has a guide to doing their own grooming, they will definitely want to make sure they have the right tools for the job. This kit includes everything a DIY dog groomer would need to get started. Rechargeable cordless clippers will keep your gift recipient from getting tangled up as they trim their dog’s body, face, and legs. This set includes multiple guards for mixed hair lengths, nail trimmers, and specialty grooming scissors. This kit has great reviews and will help your friend give their dog a beautiful and safe grooming experience at home.

Felt Plushie Dog Craft Kit

Does your special DIY gift receiver love to craft and sew? With this kit, they can sew their own felt plushie dogs with 12 different breeds and poses. This kit includes all the necessary materials for the craft, including pre-cut felt shapes, embroidery thread, and cotton stuffing, along with well-worded directions that are easy to follow. This gift is fun for kids and adults to do alone or together, and the dog designs are adorably cute. This gift makes a great children’s birthday present or an everyday gift of appreciation.

Cooper’s Treats Baked Biscuit Starter Kit

Baking and happy dog go hand-in-hand with this biscuit baking starter kit. This kit includes a treat mix that is made from real meat, which has been freeze-dried to create an easy mixing powder. This kit includes both Turkey & Cinnamon and Beef & Cheddar flavored recipes. By adding water and using the included dog bone-shaped cookie cutters, your favorite DIY’er will be baking up their own sweet puppy treats in no time at all. 

DIY Paw Print Ornament Kit

Looking to make the holidays a little bit more merry and bright? This DIY paw print ornament kit is a splendid gift choice for those who want to give a gift that is DIY and sentimental all at once. This kit will help your loved one preserve their pet’s paw print while decorating a beautiful ornament to be hung in their home. Each kit creates 2 clay ornaments with display stands, ribbon, and letters for imprinting a pet’s name next to their paw. A thoughtful gift that demonstrates an understanding of your loved one’s relationship with their dog.

Hunger For Words Talking Pet Starter Kit

Any dog lover who has spent time online has definitely come across videos of dogs using buttons to express their thoughts and desires with words. Now your friend can train their own dog to use the power of words at home. With this kit, an owner can record their own short word buttons and learn how to teach their dog to use them with the included training guide by speech therapist Christina Hunger. This starter kit will be a hit, and your friend will be on the lookout for more buttons when the next gifting opportunity comes around.

DIY for Dog Lovers: 36 Paw-Some Canine Crafts

Not sure what canine craft your DIY guru might enjoy the most? Let them decide by giving them this book full of 36 canine-craft ideas. This book has bright photos, well-worded descriptions, and has ideas for every crafting skill level. Each craft incorporates dogs into the design. Whether your special person wants to craft their own custom collars or give out the perfect puppy party favors, they can find the craft of their DIY dreams in this book.

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