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13 Gifts For Dog Groomers To Show Your Appreciation

Is there anything as wonderful as your freshly groomed dog? Not a lot! And our groomers have to work hard for it! So naturally, are you wanting to give your groomer an extra gift to thank them for the hours they spend brushing, bathing, trimming, and caring for your pet pooch? If so, take a look at this roundup of great gifts for the great groomers in your life. We know you’ll find something to say thanks with on this list. 

22 oz Personalized Dog Groomer Tumbler

Hours of grooming leads to plenty of thirst and perhaps a need for a caffeine boost. This tumbler is made of stainless steel, has vacuumed insulated walls to keep drinks at the perfect temperature, and comes with a custom laser engraved design that will not peel or fade over time. Featuring a paw print, grooming shears, and a comb, you can add your groomer’s name to this cup to make it special just for them. This cup fits perfectly into car cup holders and comes in 12 different colors. You’ll love this cup, or the company guarantees your money back.

Professional Salon Scissors Holder Rack

Great grooming shears aren’t cheap, which means that a fashionable and reliable storage solution is a necessary part of the job. Give your groomer somewhere to rest their tools when they have a chance to catch a break that will keep them safe and neatly organized. This rack is divided into two sections – one that will carefully hold your groomer’s shears in a rubber support system and the other that is an open portion for holding brushes or other bulky items. This rack fits neatly onto shelves and other tight spaces and is designed to be easy to clean and care for. This gift supports your groomer’s work while showing you understand the demands of their job.

Combination Letterboard and Pet Photo Frame

This is a fun gift to give a groomer who your dog truly loves. On one half is a photo frame ready to hold a 4” x 6” photo of your beautiful dog; the other is created as a customizable letter board to display a message of your choice. Included with the frame are over 200 letters and specialized pet icons such as paw prints, dog bones, and dog outlines. Deliver this gift with a sweet thank you already written and include the rest of the letters so your groomer can change the message to their heart’s desire.

“Furologist” Grooming Appointment Book

Groomers’ schedules get packed with appointments, dogs, and last-minute changes. If your groomer likes to keep organized with a paper appointment schedule, this gift is just for them. This is also a great backup to have on hand for if an electronic planner fails to work. The cover includes the words “furologist” with a cute dog receiving a grooming treatment. Inside the book are appointments in weekly view, log pages with 15-minute increments, and pages for a full list of contacts. This gift shows you respect your groomer’s time and need for organization and is cute to look at as well!

Dog Groomer Canvas Wall Art

Brighten up your groomer’s salon with a piece of art made with a dog groomer flare. This 12” x 15” canvas comes easel mounted and ready to hang. These are also delivered ready to be set up on a flat surface such as a table or bookshelf. The bright colors are cheerful and printed in HD for a professional appearance. This art is water and UV resistant for safe hanging anywhere.

Dog Groomer Love Pullover Hoodie

Comfort and appreciation come together when you give this hoodie as a mid-winter gift to your dog groomer. The front of this hoodie is printed with the word “love” designed with dog groomer touches, including a paw-print heart and grooming scissors. With multiple sizes and 5 different color choices, it is easy to find a shirt that fits both your groomer’s taste and size. Every time they wear the hoodie, they will know their clients love them.

Skilled and Crazy Dog Groomer T-Shirt

If you like to gift apparel, but it is hot instead of cold, check out this dog groomer t-shirt as a way to say thanks. “Skilled enough to be a dog groomer, crazy enough to love it” is a slogan your groomer can certainly relate to. Their job demands a steady hand, plenty of sweat, and skills with both dogs and people. If you have a groom who works hard all day and is still smiling when you pick up your pup – this t-shirt applies to them. Choose from five colors and men’s and women’s sizes for just the right look.

Dog Grooming Report Cards

Help make communication between your groomer and their clients as easy as possible with these quality printed dog grooming report cards. Each pad of reports comes with 100 sheets and includes easy-to-mark areas for temperament, coat condition, ear condition, nails, and extra room for specific comments. With a clear and simple way to communicate about the grooming experience, your groomer can increase their customer satisfaction and be sure to remember the correct important details of each groom. Hand these over with a personal note of thanks for a groomer you love.

World’s Best Dog Groomer Canvas Tote

A canvas tote filled with some simple dog treats or toys to entertain their clients is a great way to say thanks to your dog groomer. This tote proudly states to the world that you feel your dog groomer is truly the best in the business. This is a gift that can be used both in the salon and at home and works as a daily reminder to your groomer that their clients think they really are the best.

Best Dog Groomer Holiday Ornament

Are you searching for a gift that is a perfect match for the winter holiday season? If so, this ornament paired with a tip or holiday card is exactly what you need. An elegant gold and green design keep this ornament classy – not tacky. The wording about being the best dog groomer ever reminds your groomer of exactly who they are in your eyes. This ornament might be hung to celebrate the holidays but don’t be surprised if it stays up for year-round appeal.

“It’s a Wonderful Day To Make Dogs Pretty” Tin Wall Sign

Some groomers love a whimsical gift that they can display in their shops or homes. This tin sign is durable enough to be hung inside or outside. It features a light-hearted drawing of a female washing off a cute puppy with the words “It’s a wonderful day to make dogs pretty” across the top and bottom. Bold enough to make a statement and small enough to fit on any wall, this gift is great for an art-appreciating female groomer.

Retro “Laws Of Grooming” Tin Sign

If you like the idea of a gift your groomer can hang but want something that also serves a purpose, this is the sign your groomer should get. Designed with a retro aesthetic, this tin sign outlines tips groomers wish their clients knew to follow. It is a humorous but direct take on the concepts that allow groomers to be successful such as showing up on time and taking care of your dog between grooming sessions. This gift tells your groomer you respect their work while also giving them something they can use in their shop to cover the “laws of grooming.”

Best Fluffin’ Groomer Key Chain

This keychain makes a great small gift of thanks for a groomer who works hard to make your dog look perfect. The keychain features three charms – a blow dryer with shears, a brush set, and a tag that reads “Best fluffin’ groomer ever,” adorned with two cute paw prints. It is made out of durable and hypoallergenic stainless steel and can hold several keys or be attached to a bag as a bit of added flair. This is a fun gift suited specifically for the best groomer, you know.

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