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Simparica Trio Alternatives [Your Other Options Are…]

Are you looking for Simparica Trio alternatives?

Perhaps you are finding these chewable tablets too expensive, maybe they are not working for your dog and they are experiencing adverse side effects (behavioral changes/

Well today, I would like to present to you a couple of options.

Besides, I know what it’s like feeling a little reliant on this medication!

In the case that you are finding them a bit too pricey, I would like to first suggest you check out PetCareRX here.

While they are available for a great price, and better still, often are on promotion or discount.

So with that said, and in mind, let’s explore some of the potential other flea, tick, heartworm, and intestinal worm treatments.

Simparica Trio Alternatives

  • Trifexis
  • Advantage Multi for Dogs
  • A Flea & Tick + Heartworm Treatment (E.g. Frontline & Heartgard)


Trifexis is the main Simparica Trio alternative.

Trifexis is a vet-approved dog medicine that safeguards dogs from harmful parasites, both inside and out – fleas, heartworm and instestinal worm.

It also comes as chewable tablet (beef flavored) given monthly, via food.

This medicine includes two key ingredients, Spinosad and Milbemycin Oxime.

Spinosad helps stop flea infestations by paralyzing and killing the fleas.

Meanwhile, Milbemycin Oxime not only keeps heartworm disease at bay but also controls three nasty intestinal worms: roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. I

t’s especially good at stopping heartworms from developing, acting as a surefire preventative.

Advantage Multi for Dogs

The other potential Simparica Trio alternative is Advantage Multi for Dogs.

Advantage Multi for Dogs is a vet-endorsed skin-applied medicine that tackles fleas, prevents heartworms, treats sarcoptic mange, and fights off hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms.

While not a chewable tablet like Simparica Trio or Trifexis, it is applied on a monthly basis, too.

This medication combines two active ingredients: Imidacloprid and Moxidectin.

Imidacloprid is an insecticide that messes up insects’ nervous systems and kills fleas as soon as it comes into contact with your dog’s skin or fur.

Moxidectin, on the other hand, is a potent parasiticide that wards off heartworms and treats intestinal parasites. It’s also used for treating sarcoptic mange.

This solution needs to be applied specifically between your dog’s shoulder blades, in three to four spots along the spine. It should start killing fleas within four hours.

After application, you do need to wait a few hours before you can pet your dog, and a full day before you can bathe them to ensure the medication absorbs fully.

The dosage depends on your dog’s weight, typically 4.5 mg of imidacloprid and 1.1 mg of moxidectin per pound, thus this medication is available for dogs of different sizes:

  • Green – dogs of 3-9 lbs.
  • Teal – dogs of 9-20 lbs.
  • Red – dogs of 20-55 lbs.
  • Blue – dogs of 55-88 lbs.
  • Brown – dogs of 88-110 lbs +

A Flea & Tick + Heartworm Treatment

Your other option, if you did not want to proceed with Simparica Trio, Trifexis or Advantage for dogs would be to purchase and use two standalone products alongside on another.

You would need a flea & treatment, and you would need a separate heartworm treatment.

If you decided to go this route here are some potential medications to consider:

Flea & Tick TreatmentsHeartworm Treatments
Sentinel Drontal
AdvantixAmong many others…
Among many others…

Now, while this is certainly possible, you do need to be especially careful and mindful.

Besides, you need to ensure that the two medications can be given simultaneously.

You need to ensure they are compatible.

You need to get the dosages right, the timings right.

So, before attempting to come up with your own combination be sure to consult with a vet and get their expert advice on what you can/should pair.


The good thing about Simparica Trio is that these chewable tablets are an all in one solution.

Typically, flea and tick are offered as one product, heartworm and intestinal worm another.

For the most part, outside of Trifexis and Advantage Multi for Dogs.

So typically, you would need to get two different medications, ensure they can be used together and don’t counteract or interfere with one another, and ensure it’s actually cheaper or even practical to begin with.

Usually it isn’t. As an all in one solution, Simparica Trio is often more cost effective.

And added to that, as with the case with Advantage Multi for Dogs, you don’t have to worry about not being able to pet/bathe your dog for hours after.

That’s why, if your dog responds well to it, and your vet has prescribed it for your dog, Simparica Trio is usually the way to go.

I would say that Trifexis is the only real other potential alternative.

But there is a reason why Simparica Trio is the medication of choice. Even if it is expensive.

Besides, it’s the only only product that combines the active ingredients sarolaner, moxidectin and pyrantel, it has a has a palpable liver flavor and can be taken with or without food.

So, if I were you, check PetCareRX first here. See what price they currently have.

You will likely be pleasantly surprised.


What can I use instead of Simparica trio?

If you are looking for a direct replacement, Trifexis and Advantage Multi for Dogs are potential options to use instead of Simparica trio. Otherwise, a combination of a flea + heartworm medication can be used.

Is there an alternative to Simparica trio for dogs?

There is an alternative to Simparica trio for dogs. Trifexis and Advantage Multi for Dogs are designed for the same purpose; to kill ticks, prevent heartworm and kill intestinal parasites. Though the active ingredients for these medications are different.

Is Frontline as good as Simparica trio?

Frontline is as good as Simparica trio for killing ticks., However, it does not provide any heartworm or intestinal worm protection like Simparica trio.

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