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Why Is Simparica Trio So Expensive? [& How To Get It Cheaper]

Simparica Trio – the all in one, tick, flea, heartworm and intestinal worm medication.

While it is certainly effective, highly practical and easy to provide – it is fair to say it is on the expensive side.

But why is this?

Is the cost justifiable?

Well today, I am going to be breaking down the justifications behind the price point.

So while it may seem like a lot, it will all begin to make sense, at least…

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Why Is Simparica Trio So Expensive?

Simparica Trio is so expensive due to the extensive research and trials required for its development, the cost to produce it, market it, acquire patent and take it to market.

A lot of this cost is swallowed upfront by Zoetis, the pharmaceutical company behind this medication.

Extensive Research & Trials Are Required

Perhaps the standout factor contributing to the price of Simparica Trio is the extensive research and trials that would have been requiered to develop it.

Before any such medication hits the market, it undergoes a meticulous process that involves countless hours of scientific research and a series of stringent clinical trials.

These trials are necessary to ensure that the product is not only effective against parasites like ticks, fleas, heartworm, and intestinal worms, but also safe for our dogs.

The cost of this exhaustive process can reach millions of dollars, and these costs are reflected in the product’s final price.

The Cost Of Product Development

The development of a comprehensive solution like Simparica Trio is no small feat.

It demands an interdisciplinary effort, combining the expertise of veterinary scientists, pharmacologists, toxicologists, and many more.

High-quality ingredients and cutting-edge manufacturing practices also contribute to the product’s final cost.

The makers of Simparica Trio have a commitment to quality, and that comes with its own price tag.

Then there is all the packaging required, design testing etc.

The Cost Of Marketing

In order for pet parents like us to learn about products like Simparica Trio, there needs to be a well-planned and executed marketing strategy.

Advertising campaigns, promotional materials, online and offline marketing activities all contribute to the awareness of the product.

The costs associated with marketing a new product can be quite substantial.

Plus, pharmaceutical companies often invest in ongoing education for veterinarians to keep them up-to-date with the latest developments in parasite prevention.

All these marketing and education expenses add up and are factored into the price of the product.


Patents protect the inventors of products like Simparica Trio, and obtaining them is an expensive and time-consuming process.

These patents grant exclusive rights to the product for a certain period, allowing the company to recoup the high costs of research, development, and marketing.

This is another reason why patented medications like Simparica Trio can often be more expensive than other treatments on the market.

The Cost To Take The Product To Market

Bringing a product to market involves a great deal more than just producing and selling it.

For a pharmaceutical product like Simparica Trio, there are costs associated with educating veterinarians and pet owners about the product, marketing the product, distributing it to various locations around the world, and managing sales.

The distribution network for Simparica Trio is global, and reaching vets and pet stores in every corner of the world is a costly endeavor.

Similarly, the sales force responsible for selling the product undergoes thorough training to ensure they fully understand the benefits and correct usage of the product.

Is Simparica Trio Worth The Price?

Simparica Trio is worth the price when you consider that it is an all-in-one medication, the convenience it offers, it’s general safety rating and effectiveness.

There are very few alternatives to Simparica Trio, and those that do rival it’s capabilities and effectiveness are actually priced at a similar price point.

While independent meds, such as separate flea & tick, heartworm and intestinal products do appear much cheaper; consider that getting these together often costs more, or even, a similar price.

Then you have all of the added complications such as ensuring the meds are compatible, offering them separately, etc.

Where To Get Simparica Trio For The Best Price

Simparica Trio is expensive. That’s just unfortunately the way it is.

However, I have been able to find it at a much more affordable price than many other vets/pet pharmacies/certain stores can offer it at.

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Simparica Trio Promotion
Simparica Trio Promotion As Of 07/07/2023.

Note: this promotion may not be available at time of order but has been included for illustrative purposes.

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Besides, it literally states this on their website: “It is our goal to do our best to provide you with the greatest savings within our means.”

It’s become my go-to.

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