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How Long Does It Take Simparica Trio To Work?

If your dog has contracted fleas, ticks or worms (or you suspect they might); naturally you are going to want to know how fast medication will get to work.

Simparica Trio is often prescribed – since it is so effective and is known to act fast.

But how fast, exactly?

When can you expect it to start killing the parasite(s) that have taken to your dog?

Well, here is what you can expect…

So, how long does it take Simparica Trio to work? It takes Simparica Trio up to four hours to begin working. It may continue working up to 8-48 hours, depending on the levels of infestation and the reason for administering the medication (is it to kill fleas/ticks/treat heartworm or kill worms (hookworm/roundworm) or a combination).

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How Long Does It Take Simparica Trio To Kill Worms?

It takes Simparica Trio up to 4 hours to begin killing worms, however it may take several days to see the full effects of the medication.

However, it’s important to note that the exact timeline can depend on various factors including the severity of the infestation and your dog’s overall health condition.

Thankfully, Simparica Trio targets and eradicates an impressive 99.2% of adult roundworms and a minimum of 94% of hookworms.

Moreover, Simparica Trio doesn’t stop at killing the adult worms.

It also significantly reduces the fecal egg count for roundworms.

This is a crucial step in disrupting the re-infection cycle and preventing the spread of eggs that could potentially hatch into new worms.

How Long Does It Take Simparica Trio To Kill Fleas?

It takes Simparica Trio between 4-8 hours to kill fleas. By the 8th hour, all fleas will have been killed.

How Long Does It Take Simparica Trio To Kill Ticks?

It takes Simparica Trio up 48 hours to kill most fleas. By the 48th hour, 98.9% of ticks will be killed.

Signs That Simparica Trio Is Working On Your Dog

Less Scratching and Biting

One of the first signs of a flea or tick infestation is excessive scratching, biting, or licking due to irritation.

Once Simparica Trio starts working, you should notice a marked reduction in these behaviors as the pests start to die off.

Improved Energy Levels

Parasites like heartworms and intestinal worms can make your dog lethargic.

Once Simparica Trio kicks in, you’ll likely see a bounce back in your dog’s energy levels and overall vitality.

Changes To Bowel Movements

If your dog had been infected with intestinal worms, you might have noticed changes in their stool.

For example, you may have noticed small segments of worms, like little pieces of rice in your dogs stool.

Your dog may even have begun scotting their bottoms along the ground.

After Simparica Trio administration, their bowel movements should return to normal.

At the same time, diarrhea is a possible side after Simparica Trio administration.

Thankfully, this is uncommon and experienced by less than 1 dog in 10,000.

Still, if you dog does not respond well, you may need to consider Simparica Trio alternatives.

Better Coat Condition

A healthy, shiny coat is often a good indicator of overall health.

As Simparica Trio helps rid your dog of parasites, you might notice improvements in the quality of your dog’s coat.

Remember, these signs can vary from dog to dog, so it’s important to maintain regular check-ups with your veterinarian to ensure Simparica Trio is effectively protecting.

Other Things To Consider Following Simparica Treatment

While Simparica Trio provides excellent protection against various parasites, there are additional factors that dog owners should be aware of.

Fleas May Become More Active/Visible After Treatment

Following the administration of Simparica Trio, you might notice fleas becoming more active or even more visible on your dog.

This is not an indication of the treatment failing, but rather a sign that it is working.

As the fleas begin to feel the effects of the medication, they start moving around more, which makes them easier to spot.

Your Dog May Get Fleas/Ticks After Being Treated with Simparica

Despite Simparica Trio’s efficiency, there are scenarios where your dog might pick up fleas or ticks post-treatment.

Fleas are present in various outdoor environments your dog might visit, like parks, yards, or even just a neighborhood stroll.

These pests can jump onto your dog from these places. However, this doesn’t mean the treatment isn’t working.

On the contrary, Simparica Trio is designed to kill adult fleas before they can lay eggs, thus halting the infestation process in its tracks.

Protection Lasts For…

Simparica Trio’s protection duration varies depending on the type of parasite.

For fleas, the treatment starts killing them within 4 hours of administration and continues to do so for up to 35 days.

When it comes to ticks, Simparica Trio begins its action within 8 hours and provides continuous protection for up to 30 days.

For heartworm disease, Simparica Trio is effective in preventing the condition by killing the immature stages of heartworms for 5 weeks post-infection.

In terms of intestinal worms like roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms, Simparica Trio provides monthly treatment and control, offering protection for up to 35 days.

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