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The Best Chicken Coop Plans For 12 Chickens

Are you looking to build a chicken coop for a flock of 12 chickens? Then, you’re going to need some plans for it.

And not just any old plans. Plans that allow you to easily and effectively do so.

Needing my own plans to follow, I decided to research the market to see what was out there.

The result; I found a set of plans that was ideal to follow and use.

Here they are, if you wanted to get on board, too:

12×8 Medium Chicken Coop & Run by EasyCoops

EasyCoop Plans 12 Chickens

This printable, easy to follow, beginner-friendly step-by-step manual illustrates how you can build a secure and attractive coop to house up to 12 chickens.

No special tools are required, and you’ll save up to 50% compared to buying a pre-built coop.

The coop you will build are easy to clean and better yet, automatically collects eggs!

Best Chicken Coop Plans For 12 Chickens

If you are looking for detailed, yet beginner friendly step-by-step instructions to follow that will allow you to build a coop for 12 chickens, I would strongly recommend plans by EasyCoops.

They offer brilliant, picture-based manuals of a range of different designs depending on your preferences, land space, and needs.

Not only do they give you all the necessary dimensions , but they will help you save money too by recommending the most durable, yet cost-effective materials to build your coop from.

They take away all the guessing, and ensure you meet all of your chickens needs in terms of ventilation, insulation and lighting, too.

There are seven designs that you can build that are covered and included in this eManual, all of which are suitable for housing 12 chickens.

They are:

12×8 Medium Chicken Coop & Run

If you’re new to chicken keeping, this shed-like coop is an ideal choice.

Despite its compact look, it provides a 96 square foot roaming area, including a 32-square-feet sanctuary accessible via a sturdy ladder.

Two side-attached nesting boxes with lids allow easy egg collection. Wide access enables effortless cleaning, feeding, and check-ins.

This coop, set on a cement foundation and elevated to prevent water damage, is perfect for a flock of up to 15 chickens.

It blends simplicity with safety, functionality, and longevity.

5×10 Medium Chicken Coop Plans

For those of you who may want to raise your flock up to 16 chickens, this elevated 5 x 10 coop is highly recommended.

Offering 50 square feet of interior space, it ensures safety and comfort, featuring sturdy roosts and a spacious nesting box.

The coop’s unique design provides a sheltered area beneath for protection from heat or rain.

Its durable, pressure-treated board framework promises long-lasting performance.

Painting can enhance weather resistance and aesthetics.

This coop is a testament to impeccable craftsmanship, longevity, and practical design.

17×6 Medium Chicken Coop Plans

A perfect fit for bird enthusiasts seeking a modern, compact coop, this 17 x 6 coop comfortably houses up to 12 chickens.

Offering 102 square feet of roamable wire-meshed area, 18 square feet for roosting, and a conveniently designed nesting box, it provides space, accessibility, and ease of cleaning.

Built with pressure-treated lumber on a solid cement platform, it promises durability and predator protection.

Consistent ventilation maintains a comfortable and disease-free environment.

With a predominantly wooden structure, you can personalize it with paint or finish.

20×9 Large Chicken Coop & Run Plans

This spacious 180 square feet walk-in chicken coop is perfect for a large flock, providing ample room for free movement, feeding, and egg-laying.

Two 6-foot-tall doors allow easy access to the sturdy cage and extended run, facilitating cleaning and ensuring flock health.

A convenient ramp and ample nesting compartments accommodate all your needs.

A window provides essential illumination, stimulating optimal egg production with around 14 hours of light.

The lean-to roof blends well with other structures, repels rainwater, and prevents dirt accumulation, enhancing the coop’s

6×10 Medium Chicken Coop & Run Plans

This 6×10 chicken coop, designed innovatively, boasts a unique structure with the run nestled between two wood compartments housing nesting boxes and hutches.

Providing an ample 60 square feet area, it can comfortably accommodate up to 12 chickens.

With well-aligned perches and pressure-treated wood for durability, this coop ensures a safe and long-lasting home for your flock.

Features such as a 6-foot hinged door facilitate easy access, ventilation, and natural light.

Concrete reinforcement assures strength and easy cleaning, while the gable and lean-to roofs protect your

What I Like About The EasyCoops Plans

  • You can download them, instantly, ensuring you can get to work straight away.
  • They were created with printing in mind, allowing you to print out multiple copies to follow as you work. Alternatively, you could access the plans via mobile/tablet or PC if you prefer.
  • They take away all of the guesswork, the exact dimensions and materials are provided.
  • They can be made with common tools, that you likely already have.
  • Plans were developed by a poultry expert, ensuring that they will meet all of the various needs of your bird.
  • Detailed yet simple – These plans are easy to follow yet provide you with sufficient detail. There are no unnecessary or complicated steps.
  • You get bonus extras, such as a guide on where to best position your new coop, how to build nesting boxes from common materials, and an organgic gardening eBook that you can use to cultivate food for your flock.

How Big Of A Coop Do I Need For 12 Chickens?

If you are looking to house 12 chickens, the general rule of thumb is to allow between 4 square feet, per bird. As such, a coop that is at least 6×6 should suffice.

That being said, the more space you can afford your birds the better, especially if you intend to keep your birds indoors most of the time.

Now, just consider the coop design.

Different designs will allow more indoor/outdoor space, more vertical height over vertical space, etc.

Some will provide runs, whereas others will allow you to build your own free-range area.


If you keep a flock of 12 chickens (or are looking to do so), then make sure you build an appropriately sized and properly designed coop.

To do so, you want to follow reputable, reliable plans.

Besides, you don’t want to start something you cannot finish.

You don’t want to build something that leaves your birds vulnerable to predators, or doesn’t meet their needs for lighting, insulation or ventilation.

That’s why I generally stay away from free plans.

They typically leave off important details, or don’t give you all the information you need.

So, do yourself a favor – get these plans.

You’ll likely save a lot of time (and even money) in the process.

Not only that, you will get:

  • Precise dimensions and specific material recommendations.
  • A coop that is not only durable, but practical too.
  • Plus they look fantastic too.

There are a lot of other benefits on offer too. As you will see if you head over to the ‘building a chicken coop’ website, below.

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Is a 4×8 Coop big enough for 12 chickens?

A 4×8 coop is best for 10-11 chickens. You could house 12 chickens in a coop of this size, but it is not considered optimal and will not allow your birds as much space as they will do best in.

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