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The Best Chicken Coop Plans For 20 Chickens

You want to build a coop. You have a flock of 20 chickens, or are soon to.

Now you need some plans to build a safe, practical and aesthetic coop, right?

Well, if that’s the case then you’ve come to the right place.

Today, I am going to be sharing with you my recommended plans that will allow you to build the coop you seek.

So without further ado, here are what I recommend you get:

8×16 Medium Chicken Coop & Run by EasyCoops

EasyCoop Plans 20 Chickens

This printable, easy to follow, beginner-friendly step-by-step manual illustrates how you can build a secure and attractive coop to house up to 20 chickens.

No special tools are required, and you’ll save up to 50% compared to buying a pre-built coop.

The coop you will build are easy to clean and better yet, automatically collects eggs!

Best Chicken Coop Plans For 20 Chickens

If you want comprehensive, yet beginner friendly step-by-step instructions to build a coop for 20 chickens, I would strongly recommend plans from EasyCoops.

They offer a number of in-depth picture based manuals, giving you a range of different coop designs to choose from.

Each design is suitable for different keepers; depending on the amount of land you have available, what you are looking for from your coop, and how you want it to generally look.

You’ll be provided with all the dimensions you need to adhere to, along with a cost-effective means of acquiring all the materials.

These plans can be followed in real-time, so that step-by-step, you’ll have a coop by the time you are through with them.

And perhaps better still, you will be able to do so with common tools you likely already own, and will be sure to meet all of your chickens’ needs for lighting, ventilation and insulation.

These plans provide seven designs, all of which can be followed to build a coop for 20 chickens.

They are:

8×16 Medium Chicken Coop & Run

Designed for those in predator-rich areas or prioritizing added protection, this robust 8×16 chicken coop is highly recommended.

Crafted from strong, pressure-treated wood and resting on a reinforced platform, it offers security and durability.

The 128 square foot space comfortably hosts 20 chickens with room to roam, feed, and roost.

It includes a segregated run and hutch, each with comfortable perches.

Two large doors ensure easy coop access, and a front-facing nesting box door simplifies egg collection.

The strategically placed window facilitates optimal egg production. The gable-style roof promises aesthetic harmony.

9×42 DIY Chicken Run Plans

For hobbyists keen on offering chickens both comfort and freedom, I highly recommend the Cluck Canyon 9 x 42 coop.

It provides a spacious 342 square feet wire-meshed aviary for daytime exploration and a 36-square-feet hutch, comfortably housing up to 22 chickens.

Inside, adequate perches accommodate natural roosting behaviors, and an exterior-mounted nesting box ensures easy egg collection.

Constructed with robust lumber on a cement foundation, it offers lasting durability and predator protection.

Its walk-in design simplifies cleaning and feeding routines.

8×12 Medium Chicken Coop Plans

For bird enthusiasts prioritizing safety and aesthetics, I strongly recommend this garden-shed-styled coop.

Providing 96 square feet, it comfortably accommodates 20-24 birds.

The interior features ample perches and nesting boxes, ensuring comfort and adequate laying space.

Four windows ensure optimal light for peak egg production.

A sizable door and a chicken ramp facilitate easy access for feeding, cleaning, and egg collection.

The wooden exterior can be painted or stained to complement your property, making it an aesthetically pleasing choice for any home.

6×8 Medium Chicken Coop Plans

You may want to consider this 6 x 8 walk-in coop.

With careful attention to detail, it provides a safe, healthy environment for 20-24 birds.

The pressure-treated lumber framework and reinforced concrete foundation promise durability and predator protection.

Easy access via a standard 6-foot door and a chicken ramp simplify cleaning and egg collection.

Inside, sturdy roosts and ample nesting boxes await, while slide-out trays ease daily cleanup.

Four windows optimize light for egg production. With a wooden exterior and a gable roof, paint it to match your aesthetic preferences.

What I Like About The Plans by EasyCoops

  • They can be instantly downloaded, ensuring you can get to work building right away.
  • They are printable, allowing you to have paper copies to follow and work. Alternatively, you could access the plans via mobile/tablet or PC if you prefered.
  • No guesswork, the exact dimensions, materials and tools to use (and when) are provided for each design.
  • Plans were developed by a poultry expert, ensuring that they provide the lighting, ventilation, insulation, nesting boxes and space chickens need.
  • Thorough yet simple to follow – There is just the right level of detail to not feel overwhelmed yet have sufficient detail to know what to do, and when.
  • You get a range of bonus extras, such as a guide on where to best position your new coop, how to build nesting boxes from common materials, and an organic gardening eBook that you can use to cultivate food for your flock.

What Size Coop Do I Need For 20 Chickens?

You need a coop of at least 40-80 square feet for 20 chickens. This allows each bird with between 2 and 4 square feet of space, each, which is commonly accepted as an optimal amount per bird.

If you are looking for more precise coop dimensions, a coop of at least 6×8 is generally a good size.

That will afford your birds with a little extra space to roam, as it can house up to 24 birds as per the recommended spatial requirements.

That being said, if you do intend to add to your flock, you may want to consider an 8×8 coop, which comfortably houses up to 32 chickens.


A flock of 20 chickens needs a proper coop!

And if you don’t want to spend a considerable amount of money on a pre-built coop, you will need to build your own.

That’s where effective, reliable plans come in.

But you need to ensure you follow the right ones.

Otherwise, you may get confused along the way.

Or give up altogether.

And those mistakes can lead to mishaps.

Or in worst case scenarios, the loss of your birds.

It’s not worth the risk.

So, be sure to invest in a trustworthy set of plans.

Plans that will allow you to build an attractive, safe, effective and durable coop.

Even if you don’t have a massive budget, complex tools, or even much DIY experience.

That’s why I recommend the plans by Bill Keane.

Trust me, for a little upfront investment in the plans, you’ll save a lot of money, time and frustration down the line.

There are a lot of other benefits on offer too. As you will see if you head over to the ‘building a chicken coop’ website, below.

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How many nesting boxes do I need for 20 chickens?

If you have 20 chickens, it is advised to offer 4-5 nesting boxes. The general rule of thumb is one nesting box for every 4-5 hens.

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