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Does PetSmart Sell Ferrets? [This Will Save You Lots Of Time]

Are you looking to get a ferret as a pet? Wondering whether you can simply pop down to PetSmart and return with one? Well, would such a visit prove successful? Here is what you should know.

So, do PetSmart sell ferrets? PetSmart does not sell ferrets, instead, they only sell a limited number of small rodents in store. It is believed that as a predator, ferrets would scare the animals PetSmart does sell – which are prey animals by nature. However, PetSmart does sell supplies for keeping a ferret as a pet.

If you head into your nearest PetSmart or even check their website online, you’ll soon notice the animals they sell is rather limited.

Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Gerbils, and Rats.

That’s about it.

Even then, not every store sells every animal.

It has a lot to do with your location, demand, supply, and other factors.

So if you’re looking for a ferret, bunny, or other types of animal; you will have to look elsewhere.

Let us now explore why PetSmart does not sell ferrets specifically before turning to the most important question of all; where you can actually buy a ferret!

Why PetSmart Does Not Sell Ferrets

PetSmart has taken the decision not to sell ferrets in any of its stores. It is believed that this is due to the care required to keep them, along with the negative impact it could have on the other animals that they sell.

First and foremost, ferrets require a very particular type of care.

It’s drastically different from your average rodent.

And as such, it requires a certain level of training or skill to care for and handle them.

This is not something that PetSmart appears willing to cover.

Besides, it could keep their workers safe too, there is that.

Then secondly, PetSmart has likely made the decision as a means of protecting the other animals that they keep and sell.

By nature, ferrets are predators.

And they release a very potent musk.

This can be very stressful to any prey animal that catches this scent.

And most of these prey animals are already sold by PetSmart.

So, selling both ferrets and rodents would be highly problematic.

It would likely result in very unhappy and stressed animals; ones not particularly ready for or suitable for being kept as pets.

So, PetSmart appears to have decided not to add unnecessary stress by avoiding the opportunity altogether.

It makes sense when you think about it.

Besides, it would take a lot of careful planning and consideration for it to actually work.

And probably a lot of additional real estate too.

I can hardly imagine this would be profitable.

But if you cannot purchase a ferret at PetSmart, where can you?

Let’s find out!

Where You Can Buy A Ferret

You can purchase a ferret at some large retail pet stores, including certain PetCo branches, independent exotic pet stores, individual breeders, and directly from individual sellers that you can find on ad listing sites.

When it comes to PetCo, just bear in mind

Now, just because you can purchase a ferret through these channels does not mean you necessarily should.

They’re not all equal.

And where you purchase a ferret is imperative.

At least if you want a happy and healthy pet who is not subject to adverse health, aggressive, or generally not suitable for ownership.

As such, before you commit to purchasing a ferret, you need to carefully think about where they came from and how they have been taken care of, up until the point of adoption.

This does take research, due diligence, and time.

It may mean you have to walk away from a few potential breeders or opportunities.

But its important you do if you feel something is not quite right.

Trust me you’ll want to.

Otherwise, you could very well get a ferret that’s not much fun to look after.

And to give you some idea of what to consider before you adopt, think about the following:

  • Who is the breeder? What are their credentials?
  • How were the ferrets born and raised? What kind of conditions have they been kept in?
  • Does the seller offer any ongoing support, advice, information?
  • How much does the ferret cost? What do you get included with such costs?

Now this list is not exhaustive; there are other considerations to think about to such as where the seller is – and how you can transport the ferret back home.

That can be a stressful process too.

Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to generally go through reputable organizations, animal welfare groups, etc.

At the same time, you need to be really careful of independent sellers on ad listings sites, such as Craiglist/Gumtree etc.

Of course, there are always caveats and exceptions to the rule here.

So, do your research and be mindful along the way.

Can I Get Supplies For My Ferret At PetSmart?

While PetSmart does not sell ferrets, they do sell a whole range of ferret supplies and accessories. This range includes multi-level cages, toys, food, and bedding.

The good news is, even though they are very different animals, looking after ferrets requires very similar supplies to if you owned a guinea pig or chinchilla for instance.

And as PetSmart sells these pets, and is a general pet supply store, you can imagine that their product range is quite extensive.

So much so that if you visit the PetSmart website and search for “ferrets”, you’ll find over 230 product listings.

Not bad, huh.

And if you are looking for something more specific, you can always type in a brand name or particular item too.

Just be mindful of ferrets’ own particular needs.

Ferrets need a multi-level cage, for instance.

One that has a lot of vertical height, as opposed to horizontal.

So you need to look for ferret cages specifically here, not those marketed for rodents.

Thankfully, a lot of the ferret cages over at PetSmart include ‘ferret’ in the title; besides these kinds of cages were designed for ferrets in mind.

With all this being said, PetSmart is of course not the only place to get your ferret supplies.

PetCo, small pet stores; can be great too.

Then there is Amazon.

Of course there is Amazon.

In fact, Amazon appears to have an even more considerable product range.

I’m talking over 2000 results on a search of “ferret supplies alone”. See here for yourself.

So ultimately, regardless of where you do end up getting your ferret from, you’ll have no issues getting their supplies.


PetSmart do not sell ferrets, unfortunately.

Never have, and likely never will.

And their decision here to not do so actually makes sense.

It seems the ethical thing to do here, at least.

That being said, this does not mean that any of the other large retail pet stores, such as PetCo, does not sell them.

While it’s only some select stores, it’s a possibility nonetheless.

You can always search at PetCo ahead of time by using their ‘find a store’ button directly on their ferret sales page.

Other than this, there are always small pet stores, exotic pet stores, and independent breeders too.

Perhaps even an animal welfare organization too.

Just be careful of your ad listing sites.

It’s not just about getting a ferret.

It’s about getting a happy, healthy ferret that has been given the best start in life.

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