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Does PetSmart Sell Rats? [The Answer Is Not So Simple]

Have you decided that a pet rat is for you, but not sure where to buy one? What about PetSmart? Do they stock and sell these social, intelligent rodents? Here is what you’ll want to know.

So, does PetSmart sell rats? Most PetSmart stores sell rats, along with a range of other small rodents. They sell the Fancy Rat variety, and they are commonly available for purchase in two different sizes. Although, rats are not always available at all times and they are known for going out of stock from time to time.

In reality, whether you are able to pick up a rat from PetSmart will depend on three main factors:

  • Your location,
  • Availability,
  • Demand.

For some of you reading, you’ll be able to venture down to your nearby store, and walk out with a new pet the very same day.

For others, the process may be a little more difficult.

Thankfully, you can use PetSmart interactive store finder from the Fancy Rat ‘product’ page to see whether your local store does have them in stock.

At the time of your search.

That should prevent any wasted journeys.

And perhaps some disappointment for your young kids, if you have them.

So now you know that getting a pet rat is a possibility from this large pet retailer; but what else do you need to consider.

Well – let’s take a look!

How Much Do Rats Cost At PetSmart?

Fancy rats cost between $11.99-$14.99 at PetSmart – depending on the size you get. The larger rat variety out of the two will naturally cost you a little more.

Just consider that this is the price of the rat alone.

If you are new to owning pet rats, you’ll also need to consider the cost of other items and supplies that they will need – like their cage, food, toys, bedding along with a few others.

While you may be willing and able to get these supplies directly from Amazon (in fact, chances it will be much more affordable and their range is extensive as you can see here), chances are, you’ll want to pick up a few items while you are in PetSmart.

So, I thought I would break down a rough estimation of the costs:

  • PetSmart rat cage – $24.99-$179.99
  • Food Bowls and general cage accessories – $5-$10 each
  • Bedding – $5-$20
  • Food – $5-$30

Of course, in the context of bedding and food, this will be an ongoing cost and it depends on how much you buy upfront.

For the one-time items, unless you ever decide to upgrade you’re looking at somewhere in the vicinity of $50-$200.

Is It Okay To Buy Rats From PetSmart?

Many people have purchased their rats from PetSmart with few noticeable or known issues. Although it must be said, that there are some cases where people have not been impressed with the health of the rat in which they had received.

Of course, it depends a lot on the individual circumstances here.

How the rats were bred, how long they were at the store, the kind of conditions they were kept in, the knowledge of the employees at PetSmart, and so on and so forth.

Although, PetSmart does appear to have a relatively extensive training program for their employees when it comes to their on-site pet care.

And regarding the rats they do have for sale, these are known to be sourced from responsible approved breeders.

And then there is this on the website, to give you some assurance:

Vet Assured: Pets purchased at PetSmart are part of our exclusive Vet Assured program, designed by PetSmart veterinarians to help improve the health and well-being of our pets. Our vendors meet a high standard in caring for pets and screening them for common illnesses, including Zoonotic diseases. This program also includes specific standards for in-store pet care.”

Plus, PetSmart offers something called their PetSmart promise – If your pet becomes ill during the initial 14-day period having taken them home, or if you’re not satisfied for any reason, PetSmart will replace the pet or refund the purchase price.

Just bear this in mind.

Then lastly, take a look at these customer reviews of rats purchased in-store, taken directly from the PetSmart website:

PetSmart Rat Review

Seems pretty convincing that these are good rats to purchase, after all.

How Long Do Rats From PetSmart Live?

Pet rats from PetSmart live for between 2-3 years, which is the average for the Fancy rat breed when kept in captivity.

While the site states “about two years”, this generally vague response is likely a means of protecting themselves, should one of their rats make it much older than this.

Either way, a Fancy rat lives for 2-3 years, regardless of where you generally purchase it from.

A combination of good genetics and care on your part may help them reach the upper limit.

Can I Get Supplies For My Rat At PetSmart?

You can get almost all of your supplies for your rat at PetSmart. In fact, they have a range for “small pets” that are suitable for almost every rodent they sell in-store.

And even the stores that do not sell rats, or have none in stock at the time of contacting, should have supplies for your rat to buy.

The good news is, rats share a similar habitat to a wide range of other small rodents.

And as they do not get too big, they do not need cages that are as extensive as you may think – so long as they can stretch their legs, routinely exercise and free roam regularly.

Of course, PetSmart is not the only place you can, nor should look.

You will likely be able to get your supplies more affordably elsewhere, such as the previously mentioned Amazon.

But if you just want a few starter bits, or to top up your supplies from time to time – PetSmart is a great option for sure.

They only stock the best brands. They can be somewhat picky like that.

Other Places To Buy A Rat

If your local PetSmart does not sell rats, they’ve run out of stock, or if you want to consider other options; thankfully there are a few to consider: a breeder, shelter, ad listing site, or even another pet store.

Where you decide to get one is very important, and it’s essential that you do your due diligence before you make a purchase.

Here are the main things you will want to think about before buying a rat, and can form the basis of your questions at each one:

  • How were the rats bred?
  • What are the living conditions of the rats like?
  • What customer support or assurity can be given?
  • What is the general adoption process?
  • What are the costs involved?

Now how much weighting you put behind each one, or how much one matters over the other will vary from person to person.

For instance, pet stores like PetSmart usually provide great customer support, assurance, and their rats are often a little cheaper.

Rats from breeders on the other hand usually have a more challenging adoption process, but they do tend to live in somewhat better living conditions before adoption.

These are all generalizations here.

Only your research and due diligence will be able to tell you what is best.

Besides, some may not even be available in your local area – you may not even have the choice!


PetSmart does sell rats; the Fancy variety.

And you can expect them to cost under $15 and live for up to two years.

My advice; contact your local store via the website or via the phone before you head down there.

Or, if you do have some spare time – do take a visit on a whim.

You should find a rat after all.

The size, color, and gender, however, will vary. There is that.

Lastly, just be sure to consider your local state and local regulations.

You want to be sure before you adopt!

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