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Does PetSmart Sell Hermit Crabs? [All You Need To Know]

So you fancy yourself as a Hermit Crab owner. But can you head down to your nearest PetSmart to get one, or several? Well, here is what you need to know.

So, does PetSmart sell Hermit Crabs? Most PetSmart stores sell Hermit Crabs, as part of their live fish range. They also sell various supplies for their care. However, you will not be able to purchase your crab(s) online – you do need to visit a store to do so. They equally go out of stock from time to time depending on demand and seasonal availability.

Excellent news.

Your chances of owning one of these interesting crustaceans just for a little easier.

They are a huge retailer after all, with over 1500 stores nationwide.

And better yet, you can always use the PetSmart online store finder to check whether your local store does have them readily available, at the time of searching.

In fact, this link will take you directly there.

But you likely have a lot of other questions about these tiny crabs and purchasing them from this particular outlet.

So read in – we cover it all!

How Much Does A Hermit Crab At PetSmart Cost?

Hermit crabs cost just $6.29 PetSmart – although they routinely offer deals and you can pick them up for as little as $5, when on sale.

There is no nationwide pricing though – so you may get slightly different pricing depending on where you live or what store you stop by at.

Just remember, while the price of a crab is relatively inexpensive – this is for the price of just one hermit crab alone.

You’ll likely need to get supplies too; such as an Aquarium, Decor, Shells, and Food too.

Now, you don’t have to get them directly from PetSmart.

But it does generally make things a little easier.

That way you can purchase your crab in-store and set them up when you get home.

But do not panic if you don’t get everything right off the bat.

There is always Amazon for that.

In fact, you’ll be surprised at how extensive the product range is over at Amazon. You can see it here.

Nevertheless, here is a rough estimation of other costs for new hermit crab owners.

I’ve taken these directly from the products available over at PetSmart, for reference:

  • Terrarium– $15-$250, on average.
  • Heater – $10-$20
  • Lights – $15-$30
  • Bowls – $5-$10
  • Food – $10
  • Decor – $5-$10 a piece
  • Shells – $5-$10
  • Sand – $5-10

Just consider some of these will be ongoing costs – such as food, for instance. And you may want to stock up while you’re there.

And as you can see, they can be a little expensive at first.

But once your set up – they generally won’t cost you too much.

How Long Do Hermit Crabs From PetSmart Live?

Hermit crabs from PetSmart can live up to 10 years, with proper care.

And that’s essential to ensure they live to their full lifespan.

So, it’s crucial you become familiar with how they should be kept, and provide the optimal conditions for them at all times.

That means providing an appropriately sized terrarium, keeping them on land (not water), but still providing sufficient water, moisture and humidity.

You essentially need to replicate a tropical environment.

And they do best in pairs, or groups too – they’re social creatures.

You also need to be mindful of when they molt, never drop them, and be mindful of any symptoms of illness.

Be observant and look out for any decrease in appetite, lethargy, excessive molting, or odors. In such instances, you may require veterinary support.

How Big Are Hermit Crabs At PetSmart?

Hermit crabs at PetSmart are between 2 to 6 inches long, on average. Of course, age and species will dictate their final size.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to provide adequate spacing for them.

The best way to do this is to purchase a terrarium that has at least 5 gallons of space for every 2 crabs.


  • 4 Crabs: 10 Gallon Terrarium
  • 6 Crabs: 15 Gallon Terrarium
  • 8 Crabs: 20 Gallon Terrarium
  • 10 Crabs: 25 Gallon Terrarium.

Remember these are just minimums.

Equally, do ensure your terrarium has a hood to prevent them from escaping!

Can I Get Supplies For My Hermit Crabs At PetSmart?

PetSmart sells a range of supplies specifically for hermit crabs, but also for similar live fish that they sell in-store. Some supplies can be used interchangeably between them.

For instance, if you head over to the PetSmart website and search hermit crab, you’ll be presented with 45 different products.

This is the exact amount at the time of writing, of course.

Nevertheless, all products have been tagged for owners of this particular pet in mind.

And this is just online.

You can always ask in store for support, assistance, and advice on what you need.


PetSmart does sell hermit crabs.

I know, I was quite surprised too.

In fact, this is one of the best places to get them.

Not only are they available in most stores, but you can check online before stopping by.

At the same time, PetSmart provides two different policies to ensure you obtain healthy crabs.

The first is their vet assured policy; which ensures that veterinarians support all pets sold and improve their general wellbeing and health.

It also involves screening and standards for pet care in PetSmart stores.

Then there’s the PetSmart promise.

If your hermit crabs become ill within 14 days of purchase, you can get a full refund or replace your crab(s).

So do take a look.

Besides, these are great beginner-friendly pets. Entertaining, economical, and relatively low maintenance.

You can generally handle them too!

So, do swing by a store and take a look.

Don’t be surprised if you leave with several, though!

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