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Does PetSmart Sell Bunnies? [You’re Not Going To Believe This]

Are you looking to purchase a bunny and wondering whether you can simply head down to your nearest PetSmart? Does this pet retail chain offer them? Here is what you’ll want to know.

So, does PetSmart sell bunnies? PetSmart does not sell bunnies, of any breed. However, they did use to – up until 2007 – but ethical and business factors resulted in this change. PetSmart does continue to stock and sell a range of accessories, specifically for, and that can be used to care for and raise rabbits. This includes food, bedding, and toys.

Instead, PetSmart sells primarily small rodents, such as hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs, gerbils, and rats.

That’s what they are known for.

In fact, you can see the full list of live animals they sell in their stores over on their website.

But you are not probably interested in those small rodents.

Instead, you want a bunny.

And when I say a bunny – I am talking about a rabbit, of course.

There is actually a distinction in the terminology here, but for the purpose of this article, assume this.

The words bunny and rabbits will be used here interchangeably.

And here is why.

Some people use the word bunny to refer to young, baby rabbits. ITs more of an endearing term.

While rabbit is the scientific name for the animal

But ultimately, they are the same.

Bunny = rabbit.

I digress.

Let us now look at exactly what bunnies are no longer available at PetSmart before turning on some other important topics.

Namely, whether PetSmart offers adoption and where to get a bunny instead!

Why Did PetSmart Stop Selling Bunnies?

PetSmart stopped selling bunnies in 2007 due to both ethical and business reasons. It followed a substantial campaign and series of protests by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

And this was a decision that had been a long-time coming.

Back in 2000, PetSmart CEO Phillip Francis committed to stopping selling rabbits in PetSmart stores.

He announced that this was due to the high numbers of bunnies who were being dumped in shelters after the novelty of an impulse purchase wore off.

As you can imagine, PETA was committed to ensuring that the decision went through and applied a lot of direct pressure on the company to make them put their words into action.

And it did, in 2007.

Can You Adopt A Bunny At PetSmart?

You cannot adopt a bunny at PetSmart, although they have set up a non-profit foundation known as PetSmart charities that can help facilitate the adoption of a rabbit.

It’s a pretty impressive organization; one that helps connect rabbits looking for a new home and potential owners, among many other positive things.

Regarding rabbit adoption specifically, you can head over to the PetSmart Charities adoption page, and look for all available rabbits across the US.

And as you’ll soon see, there are rabbits available across most, if not all states, and in a variety of different breeds.

Californian, Lop-eared, Flemish Giant, Lionhead, Mini-Rex – I’ve seen them all listed there.

And better yet, you can learn a little bit more about each animal in the “my story” section of their ‘profile’, along with finding the contact details to inquire further or make your adoption.

Can I Get Supplies For My Bunny At PetSmart?

You can purchase almost all of your required bunny supplies at PetSmart. From a cage to bedding, to food. Assuming it is in stock, of course.

In fact, while a lot of their supplies are specifically marketed for rabbits, you’ll even find a range of other supplies that are suitable for almost all small animals and rodents that they sell in-store.

If you head over to the PetSmart website and plug “rabbits” into the search bar – 396 products appear.

It’s pretty extensive.

Now, this does not mean you necessarily have to get your supplies there.

In fact, it may even cost you a little more.

There is always Amazon, and you’ll often find a lot more options across different price points on there too.

A search on Amazon for rabbit supplies and you’ll soon see how many more options you have.

Over 2000 products, at time of writing.

There are always local or other small pet stores too.

Other Places To Buy Your Bunny

The best places to look for a bunny include rabbit breeders, rabbit shelters, ad listing sites, other smaller pet stores, and organizations such as PetSmart charities.

Either way, where you decide to get your bunny from is essential – it can have a huge impact on how happy and healthy they are over the course of their life.

So, you’ll need to do your research and due diligence ahead of time.

Besides, getting this wrong can result in a rabbit that requires a lot of expensive veterinary treatment, or is aggressive in temperament and generally not fun to look after.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before getting into contact with a seller of rabbits:

  • How were the rabbits bred?
  • What living conditions were the rabbits raised and kept in?
  • What support can be offered before, during and after the adoption process?
  • What are the costs?

Now some are more important than others; for instance, you should look to pay more for a rabbit if it means they were bred in or kept in better conditions.

Generally, leading animal welfare charity rehoming organizations are best.

Rabbit breeders can be hit and miss.

Listing sites can be very problematic.

Just remember, these are just generalizations.

You will need to do your own research and choose carefully.

Perhaps get into contact with a few charitable organizations.

Think about it and do not make any rash decisions.


PetSmart does not sell bunnies, of any breed.

If you were looking 20 years ago, your findings would be different.

That’s just unfortunately the way it is.

But, this does not mean that you cannot leverage PetSmart to find your bunny.

In fact, PetSmart Charities is an excellent route and avenue to explore.

Besides, they only work with reputable and vetted organizations, such as the humane society.

Other than this, you do have several options.

But be careful; it’s not just about getting a rabbit.

It’s about getting a happy and healthy rabbit.

Wondering what other pets PetSmart sells? Check out my other guides below to find out!