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Raw Dog Food Calculator For Puppies [& Feeding Guide]

Are you looking to feed your puppy raw dog food? Want to transition or get started but are not sure how? No problem, you’ve come to the right place. This simple calculator will help you work out exactly what you should be offering!

Disclaimer: This calculator should be used as a rough guide. Each puppy requires a different amount of nutrition depending on multiple factors including breed, size, activity levels, health status and genetic factors.

When it comes to feeding your puppy, it’s essential to be mindful of their response to dietary changes; both behaviorally and physically.

You should keep an eye on your puppy’s weight regularly, checking body composition against the breed average for their age and gender.

If you find your dog is gaining too much weight too quickly, you may need to cut back on their food.

Conversely, if they appear to lose weight, you may need to increase feeding amounts accordingly.

When To Introduce Raw Food To Your Puppy

It is generally advised to offer raw food to your puppy as soon as you can once they hit 8-12 weeks of age. If you are currently offering processed food, there is no need to delay switching. And when you do so, you can proceed with an instant transition.

In other words, you do not need to combine processed with raw food, nor do you need to introduce raw food slowly.

So, a simple strategy could be introducing raw food to your puppy’s next scheduled feed.

Preferably the next day when their stomachs are empty.

That being said, there is certainly a recommended order of new foods to introduce, which we will now expand upon in the following section.

Introducing Raw Food To Your Puppy

When introducing raw food to your puppy, there is certainly an effective way to do so. You should look to introduce the most easily digestible meats first, before moving on to those that are richer or more challenging to break down.

A general rule of thumb is to do this for between 3 and 7 days until your puppy starts to acclimatize to the diet.

Chicken, turkey, and beef mince are good foods to start with; but it is advised to start with one – feed this consistently and then introduce a new one a few days later.

Keep an eye on your puppy and how they respond, and their stools, and be sure to introduce new options carefully and slowly.

What Does An Optimal Raw Food Diet Look For A Puppy?

An optimal raw diet should be based on around 75% Muscle Meat with the rest coming from bone (10-15%) and Offal (~10%).

A raw dog food diet typically consists of:

  • Minced meat, including chicken, beef and turkey,
  • Muscle meats can be fed off the bone (chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, venison, pork, rabbit, and game are such examples).
  • Bones, either whole or ground but never cooked ( and as long as they cannot splinter)
  • Organ meats, including livers, kidneys, and brains.
  • Raw eggs

And of course, plenty of fresh, clean drinking water.

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