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Dog Groomer Tip Calculator [How Much You Should Offer]

Are you looking to tip your dog groomer? Not sure how much you should give? Well, my handy calculator below will help show you the exact amount to offer, based on your experience and financial position:

Disclaimer: The above calculator provides a rough guide and general recommendations for how much to tip your groomer. There is no definitive rule, and you should take into account individual circumstances. You should not feel obliged to pay a tip following each grooming session, or for particularly bad service.

Should Dog Groomers Be Tipped?

It is generally accepted that tipping a dog groomer is a good idea. It is commonplace among dog owners. That being said, professional dog groomers should not expect to be tipped or tipped if they provided a low-quality of poor service.

A good tip should always be appreciated and should be earned rather than given without reason.

That being said, most dog groomers provide a high-quality level of service, are professional, and may even go above and beyond initial service expectations or promises.

There may even be exceptional circumstances where a dog groomer simply deserves their tip; your dog has misbehaved, or you know that the grooming itself will be particularly challenging (the coat has tangled, matted etc).

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What Is The Average Tip For A Dog Groomer?

The average dog groomer will earn between 15-20% more than the price of the grooming session, serving as a tip. This typically equates to between $2.50, or $5 extra per session.

That being said there are always customers who will not pay a tip, plus there are always customers who will spend more (particularly around certain times of the year, such as the holidays)

Related Questions

Is $10 A Good Tip For A Dog Groomer?

$10 can be a good tip for a dog groomer, depending on the level of service you received along with the total cost of the grooming session. $10 is generally considered a good tip for your average $50 session, which equates to a 20% tip.

Is $20 A Good Tip For A Dog Groomer?

$20 will likely be a very good tip for a dog groomer. For your average groom, it may even be too much. At $50 for your average $50 session, this equates to a 40% tip. Generally, 15-20% is the norm.

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