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12 Magnificent Maine Coon Cat Gifts

Do you want to spoil a Maine Coon cat lover with a thoughtful gift? From their fluffy coats to giant size, there is a lot to love about Maine Coon cats, but knowing what the perfect gift to buy their adoring fans can be a challenge. To help you out, I have gathered up a list of twelve great gifts that are certain to make the day of any Main Coon adoring colleagues, friends, or loved ones that you know. Take a glance through this list and have the perfect gift ordered and ready in no time.

Maine Coon Cat Socks

Socks might not be the first gift you think to give, but when they have a fun personal flair like these Maine Coon cat socks, you’re sure to be rewarded with a smile. Each pair of socks has 24 Maine Coon cats woven into the print, and the socks are machine washable for easy care. According to the manufacturer, a part of the proceeds from these socks is donated directly to various animal shelters in need. This gift is practical, fun, and sure to be worn by your special someone.

Maine Coon Insulated Drink Tumbler

We all know at least one person who doesn’t go anywhere without their favorite beverage. If this describes your Maine Coon loving friend, then you need to get them this insulated drink tumbler. This travel mug has a lid to prevent spills, holds up to 16 oz. of fluid, and is decorated with adorable Maine Coone cats. Each cat is printed using high-end German printing technology for a realistic image that lasts over time. 

“It’s Not Cat Hair It’s Maine Coon Glitter” Throw Pillow

If your loved one has a passion for Maine Coon cats, then they know just how much these fluffy giants can shed. Why not help the receiver of your gift make light of the hairy situation with a funny Maine Coon pillow? This pillow comes in two sizes – 16” x 16” or 18” x 18” – and is printed with the saying on both sides. The fabric is a durable polyester and is easy to spot wash, and clean. This pillow is a sweet gift that shows attention to your loved one’s Maine Coon craze.

Realistic Maine Coon Cat Plush

Sometimes a friend might love an animal but not be able to have a real one of their own. This plush is soft and realistic for snuggling close and dreaming of Maine Coon cats. This plush pays attention to the details that make a Maine Coon cat stand out from other breeds, including extra fluffy ears, a big body, and a gentle facial expression. This would make a great gift for a child who would love to spend their nights cuddling a Maine Coon.

Maine Coon Cat Protection Sign

If one thing is well known about Maine Coon cats, it is their size. That’s why this sign that tells visitors a house is under the protection of a Maine Coon cat will be just the piece of décor your friend or family member needs. This sign is made of wood and stands 6” x 8” and can stand freely on any flat surface such as a desk or bookshelf. Your friend’s Maine Coon is likely a gentle giant, but this sign will certainly make them chuckle every time they read it.

Maine Coon Cat Magnetic List Notepad

If your favorite Maine Coon enthusiast is also one for note-taking and list-making, this Maine Coon list, sticky note pad is a wonderfully thoughtful gift. The top of the pad is cut into the shape of a Maine Coon and decorated with a realistic Maine Coon image. The back is magnetic for easy display on the fridge for grocery lists or other important needs. Lines on the pages keep things neat, and 50 sheets ensures many uses for this gift.

All You Need Is Love and a Maine Coon Dishtowels

For those on the hunt for gifts that are practical, used daily, and that keep a Maine Coon flare, these dish towels are the perfect option. These towels are beautifully designed with a Maine Coon loving message while being colored and styled to fit in with any kitchen decorations your loved one already has. The towels are made from high-absorbing 100% cotton and come pre-washed and pre-shrunk, so they are ready to use. If your towel gets dirty, a quick spin in the washing machine will have it looking new. A nice gift of both practicality and sentiment for a loved one who spends time in the kitchen.

101 Uses For A Maine Coon Cat Coffee Table Book

Those who love Maine Coon cats are certain to enjoy the conversations this book will spark when left out as a coffee table centerpiece. With a mix of pictures that are whimsical and eye-catching, this book takes a look at perhaps some of the lesser-known uses for a fluffy Maine Coon feline. For a gift that is sure to be looked at and discussed many times over, grab this book today.

Splash Maine Coon Cat T-Shirt

This t-shirt pairs a realistic drawing with attention-grabbing rainbow splash color to let your loved one show their Maine Coon cat love everywhere they go. This is a versatile gift that comes in ten t-shirt color options along with special sizes for men, women, and children. The design is high quality, and the shirt is machine washable for easy care. The recipient of this shirt will love the careful attention to detail in the drawing and having the opportunity to display their favorite cat wherever they are.

My Heart Belongs To a Maine Coon Coffee Mug

The only thing better than starting your day with your favorite beverage is starting it in a cup that displays something you love. When buying a gift for someone who loves Maine Coone cats, you can’t go wrong with this Maine Coon cat coffee mug. The sweet message, “My heart belongs to a Maine Coon” is paired with a gorgeous sketch of a large Maine Coon cat. The mug is entirely ceramic, holds 11 oz. of liquid, and is reviewed as being loved by everyone who has received it as a gift.

Funny Roller Wooden Cat Toy

Does your friend already have a Maine Coon cat of their own? Perhaps a gift that shows you were thinking of both them and their cat would be a perfect present! This wooden cat toy features wooden balls that twirl and spin on a round ramp. Cats love the way the balls spin and move in a way that mimics real prey as they bat them with their paws. The smooth wooden surface of this toy makes it fit nicely into anyone’s home decor without causing an eye sore. It’s a gift to be enjoyed by your loved ones – both human and feline.

Maine Coon Cat Tote Bag By Pet Studio Art

Supporting small businesses is easy to do when purchasing this Maine Coon cat print tote bag for your lucky loved one. These bags are hand-printed in Austin, Texas, and feature a lively-looking Maine Coon cat. The bags are 100% cotton and 14” high by 15” wide. This bag is perfect for carrying books to a perfect outdoor reading location, a few snacks for a day at the beach, or even bringing medium-sized items back and forth to work. A nice bag that has great Maine Coon details.

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