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14 Remarkable Russian Blue Cat Gifts

Do you have a friend, co-worker, or family member who loves Russian Blue cats? If so, we have a list of unique gifts you should consider giving to make them feel loved for their next birthday or special occasion. Giving a gift that shows attention to someone’s passions is a great way to deepen a relationship or strengthen an already strong connection. So, take a look at the items on this list and we know you’ll find a gift to be treasured.

Russian Blue Customized Wall Art

Those who love Russian Blue cats could probably think of 100 ways to describe them. This unique piece of art helps them do just that! Using words that describe Russian Blue cats such as “Playful Disposition,” “Graceful,” and “Brilliant Green Eyes”, this art creates a Russian Blue cat silhouette. At the bottom you can choose customize the hanging with the name of your loved one’s cat or leave out the name and the design still looks fantastic. This blend of artful design and meaningful written words is a touching gift that will be treasured.

Russian Blue Cat Magnet

Some of the best household space for displaying what you love is your refrigerator. Why not let your Russian Blue loving friend show off their favorite cat with this beautiful, high quality magnet? The detailed Russian Blue image is printed on high quality vinyl and backed with magnetic material that allows this decal to fit flat on any metal surface. The image is ultra realistic and perfectly displays the beautiful blue gray fur Russian Blues are so well known for.

Russian Blue Watercolor Art Print

Do you want to give your loved one a gift to display in the office or at home? This Russian Blue cat watercolor painting by Ron Krajewski is perfect for hanging on the wall in any setting. Before being shipped each print is hand signed by the artist who prints them himself. The print is on heavy duty watercolor paper for durability and arrives ready to be framed and displayed. This art will capture the eye of any Russian Blue fan who passes it.

Reversible Russian Blue Cat Plushy

Are you searching for a gift for a young or young-at-heart Russian Blue cat fancier? If so, this reversible Russian Blue cat plush is sure to make them smile. This plush cat is known for being soft, cuddly, and fun to reverse to show either a happy or sweetly grumpy Russian Blue. The expressive faces are also a great non-verbal way for someone to let the world know how they are feeling at any moment.

My Heart Belongs To A Russian Blue Cat Mug

One thing that can make someone’s morning routine a pleasant experience is having a mug to sip from that fits their unique tastes. When your loved one sees this mug each morning they will reach for it with a smile. The mug displays a gorgeous Russian Blue and is decorated with complimenting blue and green colors. The mug is fully ceramic and holds 10 oz of liquid which is the perfect amount for most home coffee dispensers.

Russian Blue Cat T-Shirt

Looking for a gift that is functional and fits right in with your friend’s Russian Blue obsession? Take a look at this shirt that makes it look like a Russian Blue has found their way right through it. This shirt comes in five colors, 3 different cuts (men’s, women’s, and youth), and is machine washable. Buyer reviews can’t get over how realistic the cat looks and love the soft material that is a pleasure to wear.

DIY Russian Blue Needle Felting Kit

Is your special someone into cats and crafts? This DIY felting kit comes with all the supplies and directions someone needs to make an adorable felted Russian Blue cat. This craft is designed for beginners and can be completed by children with adult support. The kitten stands on its feet and is made from a quality blue-gray wool. As an added bonus, if your friend likes more than one breed there is a wide variety of other cat breed kits available for them to continue practicing their new crafting skills.

Realistic Russian Blue Plush

While our earlier plush cat suggestion was cute and whimsical, this plush is great for those who love a realistic look. This stuffed Russian Blue cat is proportionally designed and stands 12 inches tall. This cat plush comes with a tag that includes a short story introducing the Russian Blue and has the iconic green eyes that Russian Blues are so well known for. This cuddly and life-like looking cat would make a fantastic gift.

All You Need Is Love And A Cat Picture Frame

For those friends who have their own Russian Blue, this picture frame is a sweet gift that will allow them to show off their favorite picture of their precious pet. The design is classy and neutral enough to fit into a wide range of decorative tastes. The sturdy frame holds a 4” x 6” photo and can be hung using the included string, clips on the back, or it can stand on a table top surface. This picture frame is one that your loved one will keep on display for years to come.

Funny Russian Blue Cat Sign

Chances are that your loved one has nothing to fear from their adored Russian Blue cats, but if your gift receiver has a sense of  humor they may love this sign. The sign is made of tin with holes already punched for hanging. This sign can be hung inside or outside as it is water resistant and durable enough to hold up to drought and cold. The image of the Russian Blue on patrol with a playful warning will give everyone a good laugh.

Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Cat Necklace

The deep silver color of this intricate cat necklace is sure to remind its receiver of the sleek gray coat of their favorite Russian Blue cat. One glinting gemstone at the head of the cat adds interest and detail to an already eye-catching pendant. The pendant is hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant, and nickel free so it will not irritate people’s skin. This necklace is a beautiful way to show someone how much you care.

Wooden Cat Christmas Tree Ornament

Are you gift giving around the winter holidays? If you are, then you need to take a look at this wooden ornament decorated with a cute gray kitten. Wooden ornaments make a nice gift because they cannot shatter like glass bulbs and they can even be hung year round without looking out of place. This ornament is laser cut from maple wood for a professional appearance that is durable and displays the sweet kitten image perfectly.

Russian Blue Cat Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

Anyone who owns a dishwasher can tell you about the dilemma of debating whether those dishes waiting for you are clean..or dirty. Take out the guesswork and give a gift that shows your thoughtful side with this Russian Blue cat dishwasher magnet. The magnet is decorated with two Russian Blue cats and is able to be flipped over to indicate whether behind the door you will find ready-to-eat utensils or perhaps its time to give the dishwasher a run. For lovers of practical gifts with a personal touch this magnet would make a nice token of appreciation or friendship.

Peeking Russian Blue Coffee Mug

Is one cup of coffee ever really enough? We couldn’t manage to end this list without including this adorable mug. The artwork of the curiously peeking Russian Blue cat is eye catching and vibrantly printed. This mug makes a statement without needing any words and just makes us grin every time we look at it. For convenience this mug is dishwasher safe and holds up to 11 oz of fluid with ease. This is a great “just because” gift or can be a sweet way to show someone you care.

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