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15 Terrific Tuxedo Cat Gifts

Are you searching for the perfect gift to show someone you understand their love for Tuxedo cats? Tuxedo cats are always dressed for a party with their black and white fur neatly wrapped around their bodies. If you are getting ready to give a gift to someone who loves these fancy cats, we have created the perfect list for you. Below we have gathered the best Tuxedo cat items that are a blend of useful, playful, pretty, and whimsical to help you find a gift that will truly show how much you care.

Tuxedo Cat Door and Window Draft Stopper

This Tuxedo cat draft stopper adds a decorative touch to your loved one’s home while also helping save money and energy by blocking air drafts at the base of doors and windows. This draft protector is 36 inches long and fits across most open drafty spaces. Aside from blocking drafts, this plush cat can be used to help control fumes or scents from moving between rooms in your loved one’s home. This draft stopper is safe for use inside and outside and washes easily. Placed along a windowsill, this Tuxedo cat makes for a cute cat-loving decorative gift.

I <3 Tuxedo Cats Ceramic Mug

Get your loved one’s morning started off right with this super sweet Tuxedo cat mug. This great gift is an 11-ounce fully ceramic mug that lets everyone know how much your gift receiver loves Tuxedo cats. It displays an adorable, high-quality image of a green-eyed Tuxedo cat peeking out at the world from both sides. This mug is dishwasher safe and has a high-gloss finish to keep the mug looking brand new even after many mornings of use.

Tuxedo Cat Beverage Buddy

Is your loved one always looking for an opportunity to talk about Tuxedo cats? If so, give them a great conversation starter with this sweet Tuxedo cat drink koozie. This drink sleeve fits most 12 to 16-ounce cans and features the face of one very happy Tuxedo cat. These sleeves are perfect for helping keep cans cold and stopping your own hands from getting wet while holding your beverage during a get-together. Even better, these sleeves are made with vegan leather to keep them animal friendly.

Joy For All Interactive Life-Like Tuxedo Cat

There are many reasons that a deserving person may not be able to have a real Tuxedo cat of their own. This Joy For All interactive Tuxedo cat may be the next best thing for those who find themselves without a cat companion. This cat has a realistic purr both in sound and feel, moves its head, mouth, eyes, and paws, and has special sensors that allow it to respond to touch and motion from the people around it. A winner of many awards for its realistic design and responses, this gift is an unbeatable option for those with elderly loved ones who love pet companionship but may not be able to care for a live animal of their own.

Fun Tuxedo Cat Socks

If you prefer to make your gift personal, useful, and lighthearted all in one, then you need to get your friend these Tuxedo cat socks. Some days a plain white sock just won’t do, and your friend will find themselves reaching for these socks printed with cute Tuxedo cats. These socks are one-size fits most, a blend of cotton and spandex for appropriate stretch and comfort, and machine washer safe. Gifting these socks tells the receiver you know them well and also want to see them smile.

Sentimental Tuxedo Cat Sign

Show your Tuxedo cat-owning friend that you truly understand their connection with their beloved pet by getting them this sign. The sign is made from tin to safely hang inside or outside and is decorated with a Tuxedo cat drawing and a poem about the special bond between a cat and their owner. At 8” x 10”, this sign is large enough to make a statement but small enough to fit in a wide variety of hanging locations.

Tuxedo Cat Wine Bottle Holder

Do you have a housewarming party to attend? Don’t just bring along a bottle of wine; bring this Tuxedo cat wine bottle holder along with it. A unique piece for the top of a bar or kitchen island, this cat playfully holds a standard bottle of wine. This gift is both whimsical and useful while giving a nod to your loved one’s appreciation of black and white cats.

Cat-Shaped Paper Clips

Whether it is time for an office holiday gift exchange or you want to give a coworker a little pick-me-up, these cat-shaped paper clips will do the trick! They may come in colors other than black and white, but their perfectly pointed ears and svelte bodies are sure to remind your officemate or friend of Tuxedo cats every time they use them. These paperclips are a neat way to bring a love of cats properly into the workplace.

Retro Colors Tuxedo Cat Shirt

Shirts make great gifts for people of all ages, sizes, and genders. This shirt is sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys the playful and curious expression of a Tuxedo cat. The shirt comes in five different base colors, with a retro blend of colors making up the image background. The main focus of the shirt is the alert Tuxedo cat that stands out to anyone approaching from a distance. This shirt is available in a variety of sizes and men’s and women’s cuts for flexibility and proper fit.

Tuxedo Cat Insulated Tumbler

Is your loved one always on the go? Then a cup that can keep up with them is exactly what they need. This insulated travel mug is printed with Tuxedo cats and paw prints, comes with a spill-proof lid, and can hold up to 16 ounces of their favorite beverage. Some travel cups sweat when filled with drinks that are hot or cold, but this tumbler has a double-walled design to keep your hands and table tops dry. The printed cat is attractive and high-quality, which adds a personal touch to this useful gift.

Tuxedo Cat Hand Towel

Many times laughter is the best medicine. Why not cheer up your special someone with this soft and slightly silly decorative Tuxedo cat hand towel? This towel hangs over any towel bar and looks as if a Tuxedo cat is eager to help you dry off your hands and get back to the gathering. These towels aren’t just limited to the bathroom and add a fun feline charm to kitchens as well. This towel is very soft, absorbent, and machine washable for lasting use.

Cat Decorated Over The Door Hook Hanger

If your important person likes cat decor that is a bit more subtle than the other suggestions on the list, then take a look at this useful item. This organizer has the silhouette of seven playful short-haired cats along the top of eight metal organizing hooks. This is a great item for a friend who has limited space and likes to keep items neat and easy to find. The metal hanging rack fits over standard doors and does not interfere with doors opening or closing. This is a great way to show off love for short-haired Tuxedo cats without being too overstated. The company is so sure your gift will be a hit that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Snuggly Tuxedo Cat Plush

The perfect gift for a young Tuxedo cat fancier is this 14” stuffed Tuxedo cat plush! This stuffed cat is ultra-soft and able to be moved and posed. The paws are durable and filled with small beads to make them easy to hold. Between the fluffy fur, cuddly plush body, and great Tuxedo cat looks, this stuffed kitty will receive hours of cuddle time by sweet cat lovers.

Tuxedo Cat Wind Chime

For those loved ones with a great outdoor space or a special garden plot, this wind chime adds beautiful music and a lovely Tuxedo cat touch. The sounds of this wind chime have been described as soft and musical by previous purchasers. An alert Tuxedo cat stands guard on the top while smaller sweet kitties hang down below among the chimes. The figurines are made of durable poly-resin, and the chime is a reasonable 23” in length. Get this gift for anyone who appreciates the outdoors and could enjoy both the cats and the melody on a beautiful day.

Sturdy Cat Toy With Jingly Balls and Scratch Pads

This list couldn’t be finished without thinking of all of our cat-loving friends who already have a special Tuxedo cat of their own. Sometimes the best gift isn’t for these people at all – but instead for their cats! That’s why we suggest you consider this sturdy toy that offers multiple ways to engage in play. With balls that roll and make noise and textured scratching surfaces, your loved one will appreciate watching their cat have tons of fun with this thoughtful gift.

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