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13 Ragdoll Cat Gifts For Every Lover Of The Breed

Do you have a friend, colleague, or relative who is in love with Ragdoll cats? When it’s time to get them a gift, consider showing them how much you care by choosing one that fits right in with their Ragdoll cat love. Known across the world for their distinctly regal looks and lavish fur coats, the gifts on this list display the best parts of Ragdoll cats. Take a look through our list of Ragdoll cat gifts, and you’ll be sure to give a personal gift your special someone loves.

Watercolor Wall Art Ragdoll Cat Painting

Give your gift receiver the opportunity to show off their enjoyment of Ragdoll cats on the walls of their home or office with this watercolor print. This attractive Ragdoll watercolor is printed on heavyweight canvas and with a white-bordered edge that makes the image easy to frame for a professional look. This gift is versatile and shows how well you know your loved one’s interest in these iconic cats.

Wine Glasses Etched With A Ragdoll Cat

If you considered the mug we mentioned earlier but didn’t want to compete with the collection your friend already has, it’s time to look at these wine glasses. Each glass is etched with the image of a fluffy Ragdoll cat. These glasses make a standout personalized wedding gift and can also be purchased in other breeds for those special people who love more than one cat type. Add in that these are machine washable and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee; they are a can’t go wrong purchase.

Beautiful Ragdoll Cat Mug

We had to start our list with a gift that is useful, beautiful, and clearly given with your friend’s Ragdoll love in mind. This mug is made from a high-quality ceramic material that holds 11 ounces of fluid. The sweet Ragdoll face is white with silver points and stunning blue eyes that stand out against the white of the cup. This is a cup your loved ones will reach for every time they want to start their day out right.

Ragdoll Cat Bathroom Hand Towel

Every visitor will know that your special person loves Ragdoll cats when they see this funny but cute hand towel hanging in the bathroom. This hand towel makes it look like a Ragdoll is hanging out nearby, ready to be helpful for all of those hand drying needs. Extra soft and machine washable, this towel would make a great light-hearted housewarming gift for a friend looking to personalize a new space.

Ragdoll Cat Coloring Book

Are you looking for a gift that features Ragdoll cats and offers an opportunity for relaxation and creative expression? If so, you’re going to want to order this Ragdoll cat coloring book right away. With 42 pages of cute cat sayings and Ragdoll cat images in each patterned design, this coloring book will provide hours of entertainment and pair well with a set of colored pencils to let your friend dive right in. 

Stone Resin Ragdoll Holiday Ornament

If you’re searching for a gift to celebrate the winter holiday season, this Ragdoll cat ornament will fit right in. The ornament is hand-painted on stone resin and features a Ragdoll cat hopping out of a nicely wrapped holiday box. The ornament can be set flat on a surface such as an end table or hung by string in a special place. This ornament might find itself as a permanent fixture around the house – holiday season or not!

Ragdoll Cat Stuffed Plush

Young kids and kids at heart can’t ignore this stuffed Ragdoll cat that is realistic both in looks and size. The fur on this plush is soft and smooth; blue eyes and a pink nose are a realistic representation of snuggly Ragdoll cats everywhere. The body of this cat is floppy – not stiff- to be even more lifelike. If you want a gift that is beautiful and child friendly, this is the one.

Vinyl I Love My Ragdoll Cat Window Sticker

If you want to help your loved one show off their Ragdoll cat love, this vinyl sticker is a must-give gift. Produced on high-quality indoor/outdoor self-adhesive vinyl, this sticker is great for rear car windows or in the home. Each sticker set comes with instructions to help ensure a successful installation and is approximately 5×5” in size. 

Ragdoll Cat Love T-Shirt

This Ragdoll cat t-shirt is a solid gift idea because it comes in a wide range of colors and sizing options (including mens, womens, and youth sizes) and features the iconic Ragdoll cat your companion already loves. Let your friend’s clothes do the talking with this poly-cotton blend t-shirt that is machine washable and lets everyone know how much they love Ragdolls.

Ultra Soft Calming Cat Bed

For anyone who already owns a Ragdoll cat, a gift that treats their beloved pet like royalty is a fabulous choice. This cat bed is as soft and fluffy as your loved one’s cat, comes in four possible sizes, and looks great with most decor styles. The bottom of this bed has anti-slip dots that help to prevent it from moving as each cat snuggles in for a good rest, and keeping the bed clean is as easy as a spin in the washing machine. Show someone you care about them and their cat with this thoughtful gift.

Ragdoll Cat Pop Socket

Anyone who is electronics savvy has seen or experienced the usefulness of a pop socket on the back of a cell phone or tablet. Help your loved one stay comfortable on their electronics with this pretty Ragdoll cat pop socket. The Ragdoll cat image is bold and vibrant to grab the attention of anyone who loves this breed. If your friend ever does get tired of the design, this pop socket is designed with a swappable top that can be changed out for other colors or designs in the future. This is a great gift for a colleague or teen who loves Ragdolls.

Bad Kitty Mugshot T-Shirt

Have a friend who prefers shirts that are more funny than sentimental? Try this bad kitty Ragdoll cat mugshot T-shirt on for size. This shirt is designed to make your gift receiver chuckle while still showing you know their love for Ragdoll felines. The black and white image can be printed on your choice of six colors of shirt and comes in sizes for men, women, and youth. Give the gift of laughter with this t-shirt.

Ragdoll Cat Pin

We couldn’t finish this list without including this super cute Ragdoll cat pin. This is a great gift for tucking inside a letter, sending to a friend in the mail, or leaving as a small token of appreciation. The pin is a mostly white Ragdoll and is small enough to be fastened to almost any space. A polished nickel finish with a hard enamel design, the pin will maintain its quality image over time. This pin paired with a note of thanks or support is a great gift choice.

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