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German Shepherd Rescues In Ohio [Adoption Directory Guide]

Are you looking to adopt a German Shepherd in the state of Ohio?

Well, in order to do so you’re going to need to get in contact with some of the local rescues.

But what ones are out there and specialize in this wonderful breed?

Let’s find out!


Shepherds4You is a Centerville-based German Shepherd breeder and rescue.

They first started rescuing in 2014, and are dedicated to finding the right homes for their dogs.



German Shepherd Rescue Ohio

German Shepherd Rescue Ohio is a veteran-operated rescue that rehabilitates German Shepherds and places them in loving homes.

This rescue does not have a website, although they have a large and active community over on their Facebook page where you can contact them to discuss any dogs they have and are available for adoption.


Cincinnati Area German Shepherd Rescue

Cincinnati Area German Shepherd Rescue is a small rescue organization that specializes in this great breed, although they have been known to care for other breeds too.

Most of the dogs available here have been rescued from shelters, which have been picked up as strays.

Therefore, one of the adoption requirements is that you have a fenced backyard.

Although you can sometimes find purebred German Shepherds here.


Deacons Hope

Deacons Hope is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that specializes in German Shepherds and regularly has dogs available for adoption.

To be eligible for adoption again you must have a fenced yard although you must also be within a four-hour drive of Ohio.



Dogs Hope German Shepherd And All Breed Rescue

Dogs Hope German Shepherd And All Breed Rescue is run by two individuals and based out of Lake County about 30 miles East of Cleveland, Ohio.

They are not a recognized 501c3 Charitable Organization but have been rescuing and finding forever homes for German Shepherds since 1977.




There you are; five dedicated German Shepherd Rescues in the state of Ohio.

These are the rescues that you should absolutely get in contact with, first and foremost.

They all specialize in this working dog breed specifically, so have a lot of experience and knowledge that you can leverage.

So do get in contact with them, register your interest and hold a few conversations.

It may take a little time and you will need to fill out a few application forms, but your patience and perseverance will be worth the effort.

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