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Lab Rescues In Ohio [Adoption Directory Guide]

Are you looking to adopt a lab and give one of these fantastic breeds a loving forever home?

Are you not sure of what rescues are available to you and who you should get in contact with?

Then this directory will serve you with all the information you need.

Below, you will find the necessary contact information of the main and most reputable rescues in the state of Ohio, and those that may very well just have your labrador waiting for you.

Cincinnati Lab Rescue

The Cincinnati Lab Rescue is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to finding a forever home for this wonderful breed.

They are one of the most reputable in the state and have placed over 2000 labs in homes since they were founded in 2010.



Lake Erie Labrador Retriever Rescue Inc.

Lake Erie Labrador Retriever Rescue is based out of Bath, Ohio, and is again another independent volunteer ran non-profit dedicated to the breed.

This particular rescue does not maintain a shelter, instead, they place all of their dogs in foster care prior to listing for adoption.

They have rehomed over 200 labs in the last three years alone.



Greater Dayton Labrador Retriever Rescue

The Greater Dayton Labrador Retriever specializes in rescuing Labs and Lab mixes under 5 years or younger and who have a sufficiently calm temperament to be rehomed.



Ohio Labrador Retriever Rescue Services

Based out of Vandalia, the Ohio Labrador Retriever Rescue Services is another to consider.

They do not have much of an online presence, but they are on Facebook and do have a large following and community.



Northeast Ohio Labrador Retriever Rescue

Operating out of North Jackson, the Northeast Ohio Labrador Retriever Rescue began rescuing having fallen in love with a Chocolate Labrador Retriever that is no longer with them.

They serve Ohio along with western Pennsylvania and ensure all dogs available for adoption have been spayed/neutered, are current on vaccinations, and are dewormed.




These are the five lab rescues that you should absolutely start the process with.

Get in contact with each one and ask around.

Have those preliminary conversations and register your interest.

Besides, Labradors are a popular breed and there is typically a long waiting list when it comes to adoption.

Plus, you’ll need to submit and go through an application process too.

So, do make a start, be patient and trust in the rescue to find the right dog for you.

Other than this some closing tips would be to join a few local Ohio Lab Facebook groups and keep your eyes peeled.

Perhaps contact a few local lab breeders or clubs too.

The more connections you have, the greater your chances of finding the right dog to adopt and add to your home.

Otherwise, you can always check out Lab Rescues in nearby states too. It may require a bit of travel, but it may get you the dog you always wanted!

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